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Why show dogs? Is it really all that important? Yes!

Showing dogs compare breeding programs. It's called the "breed ring" for a reason. It's very easy to become short sighted if left just to yourself. A large group of Cavaliers in show competition help breeders who show dogs conform to the breed standard and put on display the finest specimens. Winning is a reward for the hard work, diligence, and cost breeding sound dogs requires. It's expensive to show dogs so puppy mills or backyard breeders will forgo just about anything that dips into their "profit". Purchasing a puppy from someone who shows their dogs is some assurance the breeder is in the sport for more than "cranking out puppies". The ultimate goal is to improve the breed, improve their health, their structure while keeping their beautiful "type" (a cavalier who looks like a cavalier) and their sweet affectionate disposition. Although many puppies from reputable breeders do not turn out to be show dogs or breeding specimens they do make great pets due to the sound lineage, care and effort of a breeder who truly cares about their dogs. All puppies are cute, but their parents and grandparents and their living environment will tell you what kind of dog you'll get.

Dulce Salt Water Taffy

(Ch Lanola Santiago x Covington Jewel)

"Taffy"" is the first of the Dulce Cavaliers working towards show dog championship.

Dulce Salt Water Taffy, the newest Dulce Cavalier show dog. Photographer:

Dulce Salt Water Taffy, shown in full. Photographer:

Dulce Salt Water Taffy, at the New Mexico Toy Group Club Specialty. Photographer:

Thank you Sandy Wheat for appreciating my "Taffy" at the New Mexico Toy Group Club Specialty. Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Bred by Exhibitor, Best of Opposite Sex and Toy Group FIRST place Bred by Exhibitor Competition. Way to Go Taffy!

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